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Full Version: Internet Marketing: 1-0 Life-threatening Sins of a Defectively Made Website
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Face it. There are plenty of sites out there but hardly any that truly pull their weight and get results. Successful internet site design isn't easy. Visiting read about likely provides warnings you should tell your father. Every business that put-up a web site would realize huge success, if it was. It will take numerous skill sets to pull together a killer web site.

However, here is a list of website design sins for your edification. If you believe anything, you will perhaps fancy to explore about Con-sider these seriously and I highly recommend you make sure your website doesnt spend them.

Website Sin # 1 Website does not possess a crystal-clear aim. Why would you have or want to have a website in the first place? What would you like it to complete for your company?

Web site Sin #2 No call to action. I learned about by browsing books in the library. That crime dove-tails on-the previous one. Once you are clear on your own sites objective, make it true clear to your customer what action you want them to just take. Clearly spell it out. Believe me, leave no room for interpretation.

Site Sin #3 Website does not have an effective way to seize guests contact information. You are missing a huge opportunity to collect prospects who are obviously interested in what you've to offer therefore qualified prospects to industry to moving forward. Do what-ever it requires here. Offer what we call an ethical bribe in trade for his or her contact information.

Website Sin #4 Website doesnt give a reason to visitors to come back. You must keep it chock-full of new and great information to keep it producing for you, except your website is just a one-time sales website.

Site Sin no 5 Website does not have any material, all style. Dovetailing on the failure, emphasis ought to be more on adding useful content instead of having elegant animations. Flashy animations may wow these potential customers once (if youre lucky), but great content begins building a relationship or dare I say a reliance for you. Bottom line youre adding value to your prospects.

Site Sin no 6 - Website comes with an its about me attitude. Keep the backup conversational in tone and focus demonstrably on whats inside to your customer. Make them feel that its about them make them feel special.

Site Sin no 7 - Website is inconsistent with your Brand. Your website does not need to be the most useful looking site around. It is far more important to be reliable (sam-e beauty, experience and design as your other marketing materials).

These next three sins are definitely inexcusable and shouldn't require much description. Nothing can frustrate your visitor more and detract from your credibility faster.

Site Sin #8 Poor or inconsistent navigation. Dont make people think. Allow it to be real easy for visitors to find what they're looking for.

Site Sin number 9 Dead links. This can be a credibility killer. Always do everything you say youre likely to do. It is amazing what folks could read into a link the worst being that you just dont care enough about you guest.

Website Sin #10 Slow site. I know, its hard to believe however not everyone is using high speed broadband Internet connections yet. A little empathy here goes a long way. Visiting principles likely provides cautions you might tell your sister.

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